Six months before the event


Half a year before the European Championships and almost a year before the World Championships Latvia’s semi-finals in international draughts among youth are held. The calendar has been pushed by two intellectual brothers for the third year in a row. However, they are only intellectuals in appearance.

Gradually destroying draughts in Latvia and pushing through their personal interests, the semi-finals of Latvia are held six months before significant competitions. Apparently for the training of promising athletes. Although, soon there will be no one to play with. The proudest federations and the invincible Dutch will remain.

Two acrobatic brothers – there was such an expression. We would like to ask them, if they knows the state language someday. Just in case. It is useless to ask them about the political line of the party. Everything has been clear for a long time. Everything suits them.


Boys  U-10 U-13 I U-16

Girls  U-10 I U-13 I U-16

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