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We recently wrote about the decision of several federations to start a split in the FMJD. Someone did not believe, someone harbored illusions that draughts players have intelligence and ingenuity, as well as loyalty and humanity. Dispel your doubts..

We publish the official text of the letter of the organizers of the “big noise” and the great draughts powers. Everything is fine in it! We will also officially list all those who participated in the voting and unanimously raised their hand (although maybe a leg, who knows) as in the distant Soviet times. From the Latvian side: V. Vesperis (aka V. Bedinov, just changed his surname once). Yevgeny Matveev, Janis Stals, Raivis Paegle (how he manages to work for 4 societies at once and combine so much energy in himself, we do not know), Andrey Trasko (a representative of parents; strict, perhaps only from the side).

This initiative was also approved by: Maris Mitenbergs (coach and popularizer), Karlis Ozols (in the recent past a board member, who was happy to travel to Bulgaria for the IDF competitions with his large draughts family), Inga Bernate (representative of the Bauska Sports School; there has never even been a coach in international draughts), Ilmar Vysotsky (a representative of Livani), Laura Kronberga (according to our information the coach of Balozi, Kekava and the surrounding areas).

The funny thing about all this is that there are two coaches left in Estonia. One of them is 88 years old. Well, Lithuania… However, here is the text.

Link to the original here.

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