“Monkey and glasses”. A fable. About the comrades we know


The moral of I. Krylov’s famous fable “Monkey and Glasses” is quite simple. Recall in a nutshell:

К несчастью, то ж бывает у людей:
Как ни полезна вещь, — цены не зная ей,
Невежда про нее свой толк все к худу клонит;
А ежели невежда познатней,
Так он ее еще и гонит.

According to the authors of the book “I. A. Krylov and his fables”, the moral of the fable “Monkey and Glasses” is as follows: “… the category of ignoramuses… who scold and condemn good things only because they themselves, due to their inability, cannot use them in any way and apply them to business. This idea was expressed by Krylov in the fable “Monkey and Glasses”.”

Why have we mentioned all this here. And here’s what. The Latvian Draughts Federation under the leadership of: V. Vesperis, E. Matveev, A. Trasko, Y. Stals, R. Paegle, begins to interpret the laws and violate them at its discretion. And there is no limit to the creative approach of these comrades.

Not so long ago, we caught sight of the minutes of the meeting of the Latvian Draughts Federation, published officially.

The full minutes of the meeting from 08/19/2022 can be read here  

We quote them from this protocol.

Цитата: 1.3. Izvērtējot Māra Mitenberga un Guntara Pitkas iesniegumus, pieteikt viņus startam Eiropas čempionātā personām ar ierobežotām iespējām 100 lauciņu dambretē. Latvijas Dambretes federācija sedz čempionāta dalības maksas 40.00 EUR apmērā katram dalībniekam.
1.4. Iesniegšanai Rīgas Domes Izglītības, Kultūras un Sporta departamenta izsludinātajam konkursam tika saņemts Māra Mitenberga iesniegums. Lai pieteiktos uz finansiālu atbalstu dalībai Eiropas čempionātā personām ar ierobežotām iespējām 100 lauciņu dambretē Antālijā (Turcija), un, izvērtējot Rīgas klubu treneru izvirzītos priekšlikumus, tika nolemts izvirzīt Māri Mitenbergu atbalsta saņemšanai, lai segtu ceļa un dzīvošanas izdevumus.

And here is the table of this championship in which (Oh, my God!) athletes from Russia and the Republic of Belarus took part!

Table here 

World and European Championships website here 

You ask – how so? After all, the Sportive Law of Latvia prohibits the use of public funds for the provision and sponsorship of players who take part in tournaments. where do athletes from Russia and the Republic of Belarus participate?!?

And as we can see from the table, the first place at the European Championship was taken by a representative of Russia, who performed under a neutral flag, as required by law!

How does Maris Mitenberg, using the flag of Latvia at competitions attended by representatives of Russia and the tournament secretary from Russia, receiving state funding, go to Turkey for the second time this year? Isn’t he helping the Russian Defense Ministry in this way, as one respected coach wrote to us about the Chameleon children’s tournaments in Latvia, considering that they sponsor someone there.

Judging by the logic of the members of the Board of the Federation of Draughts of Lavtia (V. Vesperis, R. Paegle, A. Trasko, E. Matveev, Y. Stals) Maris should be punished together with Comrade V. Teterin. But… we simply did not find such a protocol! We also did not find a protocol describing all the legal norms for the provision of financing by comrades: V. Vesperis, R. Paegle, Ya. Stals. A. Trasko, E. Matveev.

And Maris is going to Turkey for the second time in May! The table of the World Championship, where Russians take part under a neutral flag here

In the language of lawyers, this is a precedent that is unambiguously interpreted in our favor. But we are waiting for explanations from the members of the Board of our Federation (V. Vesperis, R. Paegle, J. Stals, A. Trasko, E. Matveev). Since soon we will publish the second part of our article.. The moral of this fable is as follows: see above.

Who and for what are these gentlemen judging (V. Vesperis, R. Paegle, J. Stals, A. Trasko, E. Matveev), we will understand soon. And let’s figure out together their competence and position based on personal hostility and lack of basic knowledge of jurisprudence.

In this video, you will see the opening of the World Cup in Kemer, where they speak Russian and the flag of Latvia is flying. How does this World Cup differ from the IDF World Cup? Find the differences

“Untouchable” Maris. What do you think, will V. Vesperis call Leszek Petlicklm to remove the flag of Latvia and the designation of the state from the table?

To be continued ….

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