Congratulations to Viktor Adamovich on his birthday!


Congratulations to the outstanding coach, sports journalist, author of many books on the theory of draughts, master of sports Viktor Adamovich on his 79th birthday!

Latvian draughts player, coach, organizer, sports functionary, sports journalist. Multiple champion of Latvia in the team competition, vice-champion in Russian and international draughts in the individual competition. Master of sports of the USSR (1964), honored coach of Latvia (1990).

Member of the Presidium of the Draughts Federation of Latvia (1961-1996). Executive secretary, chairman of the coaching council, recognized in three Olympic cycles as one of the six best coaching councils of the republic among all sports. He worked for two years as a member of the Presidium of the USSR Draughts Federation and for many years as a member of the coaching council of the USSR Draughts Federation. He served as a coach of the Latvian Sports committee. Member of the National Olympic committee of the Republic of Latvia (1988).

He has worked as an executive secretary of the magazines “Шашки” and “Dambrete”, since 1971 for 20 years he has been the head of the department on the theory of Russian draughts. Since 2002 he is the host of the draughts site “Visiting Victor”, one of the most popular in the world. Held a record session of simultaneous play on 176 boards (+165-0=11, 2 hours and 56 minutes).

The first coach – Y. Are. Coach – D.Grins. Has actively participated in the training of international grandmasters Vladimir Vigman and Guntis Valneris, as well as 24 masters of sports.

We express our gratitude for creativity and wish a long life!

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