Travelling with draughts to the beautiful cities of Europe! The new season of the ‘Albatross’ tournaments


We will start the new season of our tournaments, which are loved by many children, in Budapest. This time ‘Albatross’ and ‘Chameleon’ will continue their journey through the most beautiful cities in Europe. In 2024 we will hold tournaments in Bratislava and Rome!

Budapest, Bratislava, Rome are the most beautiful cities in Europe with their architecture and style, with their history and traditions. In 2024 our tournaments in international and Russian draughts will be held in three stages with awards in Rome. Three stages held in beautiful European cities will help our participants, like good travelers, take hundreds of good photos with and without a draughts board, become a gourmet of local cuisine and, of course, enjoy the impressions!

All those who wish and apply within the established time frame will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of our tournaments. We provide accommodation and meals (breakfast) at the hotel where the competitions are held. Applications for participation can be accepted in advance (at all stages) for timely reservation of rooms.

What are ‘Albatross’ and ‘Chameleon’:

  1. A series of tournaments for children and youth in Russian and international draughts with its own rating system and an Internet link.
  2. Children receive a monetary reward at the end of each stage and by the end of the season – the Cup of the tournament and a cash prize.
  3. All interested children under the age of 18 can take part.

Regulations: ‘Albatross’‘Chameleon’ 

Applications for the first tournament in Budapest are accepted until March 15 for those who need accommodation.

Applications for the second tournament in Bratislava are accepted until May 15 for those who need accommodation.

We offer:

  1. The tournaments are held at a high level in 4-star hotels.
  2. Excellent conditions for playing and accommodation, as well as high competition.
  3. Provision of accommodation in double rooms with breakfast.

See you at our tournaments!


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