The second stage of the draughts tournaments in Daugavpils!


We tried to find draughts players from Malta, Rezekne, Vilyani and did not find them. A quiet voice was coming from Madona, or maybe from Jekabpils. Well, we came to Daugavpils to meet old friends and their pupils, and play draughts.

But we will leave the most difficult work of copying someone else’s tournament, using the players of this tournament, as well as applying the knowledge of athletics in draughts to the Latgale Draughts League and its organizers.

On February 5 “Albatross” and “Dzirkstele” draughts tournaments are again held in Daugavpils.

As usual we conduct live streams of games on our Youtube channel.

You can follow the results here:  “Albatross” Latgale  I  “Dzirkstele”

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