The ‘Chameleon’ is heading for a dream! No matter what…


Despite the fake bans, the hatred of inadequate leaders and the stupidity of “comrades” supporting them, our team is moving systematically towards fulfilling its dreams! And then to a new goal!

Recently our club was visited by a well-known, unsurpassed professional of the draughts game, one of the world’s best grandmasters Alexander Balyakin!

We are grateful to him for his attention to our club, for simple advice in difficult draughts situations and our cooperation agreements.

In the near future several more world-class players will visit our club, and master classes with grandmasters will begin in Budapest. And we will be happy to invite everyone to Budapest, Bratislava and Rome.

As for the last Latvian Youth Championship…

We are happy for Alexander Petrov and Anna Lebedinskaya, for their desire to win and withstand difficult and sometimes unfair competition. We wish our guys new victories! The rest of the guys will catch up and also feel the taste of victory!

We conducted voting for the U-19 and U-16 groups and almost all the voting participants correctly guessed the names of the winners. But many doubted Vsevolod Mitrevich’s victory and voted for Klavs Norenberg. Klavs was just a little short of winning the last round. But overall.. The strongest in their groups confidently defeated their rivals. We present the results of the voting:


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