Albatross and Hameleons tournaments are conquering Europe!


From 2024, all children’s tournaments and other tournaments of the Diagonal group will be held in the most beautiful cities of Europe and are unlikely to return to Latvia. During a short period of summer, Diagonal Group revised its development strategy and, having signed several agreements with European companies, will begin to develop its tournament network in Europe and maybe somewhere else.

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Interview with Elena Skovitina at the European Championship in Turkey (part one)


From the encyclopedia: Elena Skovitina (nee. Miskova; b. August 19, 1986, Bendery, Moldavian SSR) is a Moldovan draughts player. Grandmaster since 2005; three-time world champion (2005, 2006, 2015) and two-time European champion (2004, 2008) in Russian draughts, world champion in the blitz game of Brazilian (2007) and Russian (2009, 2015) draughts, multiple champion of Moldova.

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