A ‘Defector’ in draughts


Of course, it is nice when someone likes your Cup and wants to keep it. However, depending on what conditions.

Last year the Lithuanian team ‘Vitražas’, changing its composition every stage and trying to win our Cup under the guidance of the vice-president of their Federation, won the main Challenge Trophy. The time has come to return it, but the team representative and vice-president of the Federation Sandra refused to return the Cup.

The motives for this action are still unclear to us. But, as you know, by a person’s actions one can very accurately describe his personality and the person’s problems, which are reflected as in a mirror.

It is sad to see, how people with low self-esteem and inferiority have come to head of the Draughts federations of at least two countries. One tries to be cunning and dodge all the time, the second constantly fights with children and tries to punish them as a person with destructive behavior and hidden love for children.

We officially announce that we are giving our Cup to the team of the vice-president of the Lithuanian Draughts Federation. Unfortunately, decency and self-esteem, as well as education, can be very difficult to give to a person.

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