See you soon! ‘DRAUGHTS LEAGUE 2024’ in Budapest, Bratislava and Rome!


We started with 4 teams. This was the beginning of our long journey towards creating a good tournament and competitive environment. In 2023, we have already assembled 7 teams. And we hope the upward movement will continue. Players who trust us know that we stand for quality and adherence to the principles of beauty, harmony and sportsmanship.

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Beloved, Unpredictable, Charming and Unattainable!


Gorgeous, elegant, windy and serious, vulnerable and defenseless, light and airy Women! Congratulations on your Day! Let them bow their heads at your feet, read poetry and commit all the follies of the world For you! Stay loved Moms, Wives, Daughters and granddaughters! We can’t live without you! Be happy!

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